When faced with critical projects, rapid expansions, mergers, acquisitions and conversion deadlines; companies often experience sudden increases in workload and an urgent need for competent and experienced professionals who can manage and drive initiatives during high volume times.

Our project consulting and scheduling division is dedicated to helping clients address their business needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We have an extensive network of Project and Program Schedulers who are highly experienced and have in-depth expertise across all Industries, enabling them to manage your most complex schedules and projects.

Our Consultants and Schedulers immerse themselves into every assignment, they are TOTALLY committed to tracking all tasks through to a successful completion.
We Have the Best Schedulers and Planners, Period...

Let Us Manage Your Project's Triple Constraints. See below for Our Proprietary Project Framework.
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experts in the Technology, Finance and Energy Space
Our Team of Expert Planners and Schedulers will Execute the Following "X5 Global Framework" to ensure Your Business Requirements and Project Goals ARE Achieved...
X1 = Capture
We Work with Your Business to Fully Understand Your Project's Requirements and End Goals.

X2 = Compile
We Create an End-2-End DRAFT Schedule that Encapsulates all Components and Requirements from X1 above.

X3 = Clarify
We Review and Update the DRAFT Schedule from X2 Above. When all Schedule Stakeholders agree with its Content, We will Baseline it and Progress onto X4 below.

X4 = Commence
When Your Schedule has Been Baselined, We Commence Tracking it; Participating in Your Business and Project Meetings; Provide Schedule Updates and Status'; Consult, Refine and Adjust Your Schedule inline with Project Demands and Dynamics.

X5 = Complete
We Manage Your Schedule to its Completion, Ensuring All Tasks, Milestones and Deliverables Have Been Successfully Achieved.

Note: We also provide a service that executes X1 through X3 only. "X5 Global"  develops the schedule for Self Tracking and Management.

Tired of Engaging Resources that Claim to be Project Schedulers and Managers...

We Have the Best Schedulers and Planners Available, with over 30 Years Project and Business Experience.

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"X5 Global" is a Subsidiary of Project Management Global Inc. Reach Out to Us Anytime to Discuss Your Scheduling, Business and Project Requirements Further.
Missing Your Project's Milestones and Deliverables?

Let "X5 Global" Plan and Schedule the Complexities for You...
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