If you're an Australian or Irish citizen trying to get an e3 work visa for a Technology, Finance or Oil/Gas job in the USA, then you're in the right place. Our Management Company Project Management Global will Employ and Provide You Sponsorship to enable You to Live and Work in the USA.

We Have 3 x Options Available to Skilled Professionals;
2 at NO COST and 1 with an "Employment Package Service Charge", We do everything apart from attend your Visa Interview. Totally Hassle Free... (options detailed below).

All you need to do is Compile your Supporting Documents and Turn up for your Visa Interview. You will be employed by Us with the option to transfer your E3 Visa to a New Employer at the Completion of your Agreement.

Included in the Option Packages; Ready for You to get on a Plane and Work/Live in America:
  • Assistance in Locating and Securing Your C2C Job Placement (including profile marketing; applies to option 3).
  • Submit and Provide You an Approved/Certified LCA; Using Our Company Lawyer.
  • Provide You a Signed "Formal Offer of Employment" on Our Company's letterhead; including Job description/details for your Career Classification.
  • Compile Your DS-160 Visa Application.
  • Arrange Your E3 Visa Interview and Provide Your DS-160 Confirmation Page with Barcode.
  • Provide You Supporting Documents to Obtain Your American Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Provide You Supporting Documents to Open a Wells Fargo Bank Account (this will assist in building Your USA credit).
  • Provide You Supporting Documents when Applying for a Rental Property (eg, employment and address verification).
  • Execute an E3 Preparation Walkthrough with You 7 Days before Your Visa Interview.
  • All Visa and Government fees are Included in All 3 x Options.
  • Provide You a PM Global Email Address and ID Card.
  • From LCA Application/Certification to Visa Approval takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks to complete (may vary depending on consulate interview availability).
  • Option to Add e3d Visa to Your Primary e3 Application for Additional Family Members (service fee applies per family member).
Option 1: Transfer your existing e3 work visa from your current sponsor to PM Global at NO COST to You. Requires a minimum of a 6 month Employment Agreement with PM Global (includes LCA application, processes and fees).
Option 2:
If you have a Company wanting to Onboard You (job offer). However, they do not want to be Your e3 Work Sponsor. PM Global will arrange Your e3 work visa, become Your Employer and Work Sponsor at NO COST to You (includes everything listed above). Requires a 3, 6 or 12 month Employment Agreement with PM Global.

Option 3:
PM Global Offers an "End 2 End Employment and Placement Package"; Inclusive of Us being Your Employer / Work Sponsor, Job Placement and Arranging Your e3 Work Visa for a one time "Employment Package Service Charge" (includes everything listed above). Schedule a Time on Our Booking System to discuss further (see link above). 

We can also Assist Employers with Compiling, Submitting and Fulfilling their e3 Work Visa Requirements,
Reach Out to Us Anytime...

What you Need to Take to Your Pre-Arranged Consulate Interview:
  • 2 x US-sized passport photos of you for your Approved Visa (must be under 2 months old).
  • Supporting documents to satisfy the E3 Residence Abroad condition to prove non-immigrant intent to the USA.
  • A Copy of Your Degree or Evidence of Qualifications to satisfy the education/work experience Visa criteria.
  • Any additional documents that may apply to your personal situation. Take as many documents you feel are necessary, You don't want to make a second trip to the consulate if it can be avoided.

Some additional information about the E3 Work Visa:

Since it was approved in 2005, the e3 work visa has exclusively allowed professional Australian nationals to get jobs in the USA. The visa was created out of Australia's AUSFTA agreement with America. As of 2020 the e3 Visa is available to Irish Citizens. Annually, 10,500 e3 work visas are issued to Australian and Irish citizens wanting work in the USA. The e3 is similar to the H1B visa for specialty occupations. In fact, the e3 visa requirements and eligible e3 job categories are virtually identical. And the process by which you get an e3 visa begins the same way, by getting hired for a job with a sponsoring U.S. employer; that's were we at Project Management Global come in.

The E3 visa offers some significant advantages when compared to other U.S. non-immigrant work visas. For example, e3 spouses also can work unrestricted in the USA. This alone is a significant difference from work visas like the Tn1 and even the H1B. Both require spouses to obtain separate working permits if they aren't U.S. citizens or permanent residents. e3 work visa spouses and children don't count toward the cap total. Spouses also don't have to be Australian or Irish citizens. While the e3 visa technically is a temporary work permit, it's renewable every two years; meaning you can remain in the U.S. indefinitely so long as you're employed with the sponsoring company.
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